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A Project of the Gateway Community Development Corporation.
John Paradiso – Program and Facility Manager
Gateway Arts Center/CDC

ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia – Krista Schlyer

March 22 – April 26, 2014

Saturday,   March 22,   5:30-8:00 pm

The Gallery is open 7:00-9:00 pm Thurs & Fri,
12:00-3:00 pm Saturday, and by appointment
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39th Street Gallery
& Corridor Exhibition Space

“The two exhibits, NATURAL WORLD and ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia, share an intimacy between mankind and nature, with a personal exploration of life, death, loss and renewal.”  — John Paradiso, curator.

39th Street Gallery

Eric Rhein


Eric Rhein attributes his affinity for the natural world, manifest throughout his work, to his Kentucky heritage and Hudson Valley upbringing.  He feels that being the child of parents who recognized their young son as an artist, and gave him free reign to express himself through creativity, as being the key to his well being.

Rhein’s body of work includes photography, mixed media sculptural constructions, and works on paper.  His HIV status has significantly influenced his work, whose focus includes the expression of sexuality, vulnerability and resilience, mortality and transcendence, and gives a heightened image of the human experience.

Rhein explains: “What matters to me is the interconnectedness, sympathetic relationships, and the commonalities we can feel for all things in the natural world. Images of nature are used as a metaphor for the cycles of human experience: birth, life, death, and regeneration.”

Having lived in Manhattan’s East Village since 1980, Rhein’s artistic heritage is inclusive of the East Village art movement and informed by the AIDS crisis that struck him and his contemporaries, altering the cultural landscape.

"NATURAL WORLD" - Eric Rhein

Corridor Exhibition Space

ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia
Krista Schlyer


Ecology, from the Greek roots meaning “house” and “study of,” refers to the process of understanding our place, our home.  Regionally, one of the most encompassing features of home is the Anacostia River, but there is very little understanding of the river, its history, value, and role in our sense of place.  How we see or understand a person or place determines how we will relate to it, and the Anacostia, a long neglected ecological feature of our world, lives or dies by how we perceive it.  Is it of value to our community?  Does it inspire feelings of love or fear or even shame and sadness for what we have done to it?  Do we think of it at all?  Do we understand, know, and love the thousands of creatures who depend on it?  Does it have relevance in our lives?  And if so, how much are we willing to do to help it heal?

The exhibit pieces are meant to evoke consciousness of time and place as it is felt in the watershed: the seasons of life, from summer, winter, spring and fall, to the seasons of vitality, abuse, neglect, and recovery.

"ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia" -  Krista Schlyer

Current Artist-in-Residence

Melissa Ezelle


Current AIR Melissa Ezelle


Saturday,  Apr 26  –  2:00-4:00 pm
The Loading Dock Lecture Series Presents:

Artist Talk
with artist Eric Rhein

Saturday,  Apr 12  –  2:00-4:00 pm
The Loading Dock Lecture Series Presents:

ECOLOGY: Home on the Anacostia

Slideshow and talk with
artist Krista Schlyer
and Jorge Bogantes Montero,
Anacostia Watershed Society

Saturday,  Mar 22  –  5:30-8:00 pm
Artist Reception

w/ Eric Rhein

ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia
w/ Krista Schlyer

Recently at the
39th Street Gallery

featuring Kyle Bauer


“I compose my sculptures by the means of arranging, stacking, and piling – trusting the instincts of building.  In many cases, I let the objects dictate their own forms.  I recognize that this methodology more closely correlates to the formalist qualities within my sculptures, allowing me the ability to investigate a broader expression of ideas.  I derive pleasure from this act of construction and enjoy how this process provides multiple layers of meaning as well as investigation through the use of color, surface, pattern and form.”  — Kyle Bauer

"LATITUDE" - featuring Kyle Bauer

Genna Watson and John Dickson
Curated by Janis Goodman

John Dickson and Genna Watson are two artists who are keenly aware of the physical presence of things.  As an artist couple, they have worked within reach of each other yet have developed their own unique language of style and grace.” — Janis Goodman

"A SERIES OF RANDOM ACTS OF COURAGE" - curated by Janis Goodman

Jan Razauskas, Ding Ren, and Gerald Ross
Curated by Jack Livingston

“I value artists who seek the sublime, those who take an individual route and produce intimate work based in humanistic values – artists who desire the kind of interaction with their work that will move an audience in modest yet meaningful ways.” — Jack Livingston

"TENDER MERCIES" - curated by Jack Livingston


Our summer exhibit features work from Gateway's ez Storage Studio artists:  Shahla Arbabi, Susan Crane, Annie Compton, Cheryl Edwards, Melissa Glasser, Tom Hill, Wayson Jones, John Paradiso, Imani Russell, Russell Simmons, Shahin Shikhaliyev, Ann Stoddard, Valerie Theberge, Denise Wamaling, and Mark Wamaling.

"Summertime and the Living is ez" - curated by John Shea

Curated by John Shea

Adam Farcus, Phil Galluzzo, Rob Guevara, and Jerica Root

The four artists in MATERIAL DIALOG have been assembled for their ability to make poetry with ordinary objects and materials.

Guest Curator John Shea is a mixed media sculptor from Baltimore, Maryland, who received his MFA from the School for American Crafts.  His current work is based in social engagement and has led him to participate in the construction of the Station North Tool Library, a non-profit tool lending service for the city of Baltimore.

"Material Dialog" - curated by John Shea

Curated by Matt Klos

Perceptual Painters:
Victoria Barnes, Dave Campbell, Tim Conte, David Jewell, Matt Klos, Aaron Lubric, Scott Noel, Andrew Patterson-Tutschka, Carolyn Pyfrom, Erin Readeke, Brian Rego, Neil Riley, Peter VanDyck, Tom Walton, with guests Mark Karnes and Charles Ritchie

“The exhibition Real and Remembrance presents paintings that have been created by direct visual experience and a construction of the ‘whole’ through imagination and memory.” — Matt Klos

"Real and Remembrance" - curated by Matt Klos


Delusions of Grandeur:  Wesley Clark, Shaunté Gates,
Jamea Richmond-Edwards, Amber Robles-Gordon, Stan Squirewell

“No Strings Attached” is a micro-examination of systematic control.  Mechanisms such as: tethering, bindings, trusses, and all constructs that joins or is fixed in their inaction to hold in place.  To remove bondages one must cut, pry, scrape, hack and in severe cases chew off portions of themselves.  Is freedom worth the cost of admission?

"No Strings Attached" - Delusions of Grandeur

Paintings and Drawings by Manon Cleary

Curated by F. Steven Kijek and John Paradiso

In collaboration with F. Steven Kijek and the Cleary Estate, the 39th Street Gallery will exhibit 14 paintings and drawings by the late Manon Cleary.  We are truly honored for the opportunity to show the work of such an important artist.

Manon Cleary

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