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39th Street Gallery
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A Project of the Gateway Community Development Corporation.
John Paradiso – Program and Facility Manager
Gateway Arts Center/CDC

Elisabeth Jacobsen

November 1 – December 13, 2014

Saturday,   November 1   5:00-8:00 pm

The Gallery is open 7:00-9:00 pm Thurs & Fri,
12:00-3:00 pm Saturday, and by appointment
[ For appointment contact Gateway CDC: 301−864−3860 ext. 3 ]
Current Show – 39th Street Gallery
{ Opening Saturday, November 1 }

Elisabeth Jacobsen


“Interwoven through my life and my art is an adoration of the female figure and a devotion to sacred images as well as those that are secular.  My Roman Catholic upbringing has provided me with a host of intimate narratives and memories of love, silence, and vulnerability.  I am also a lesbian, recently married in a legal ceremony to a woman with whom I have shared a life for over twenty years.

“In my art, I combine the sometimes-contradictory elements of my religious upbringing and my sexuality, exploring religion and spirituality in the context of feminist and gay issues.  I transform these deeply personal experiences as universal themes that address identity, human consciousness, loss of life, health, and relationships.

“My formal training has been extensive and diverse, including professional merchandise display, photography, and sculpture.  The combination of these disciplines has informed my approach to art making, the way that I assemble materials and found objects, and the types of compositions and tableaus that I create.”  — Elisabeth Jacobsen

Elisabeth Jacobsen, "SHIELDED MADONNA" (2012) - wood cigar box, plaster, rosary, and silver leaf

On display in the 39th Street Corridor
{ Opening Saturday, November 1 }

Meri Bourgard,  Leslie Holt,  Sheila Manion–Artz,  Sarah Nikitopoulos,  Marta Perez–Garcia,  Lyn Bell Rose

Meri Bourgard, "GATHERING I" (2009) - pastel and graphite on spackled panel

Current Artist-in-Residence

Jack Warner


Saturday,  Nov 1  –  5:00-8:00 pm

Elisabeth Jacobsen

Recently at the
39th Street Gallery

Christopher Romer

“Although the Charmers are affixed to the wall, and therefore seemingly mysteriously held in suspension in the world, their rhythmic, self-conscious orientation and systematic worn paint effects very clearly keep us aware of their classic sculptural concerns of material, form, weight, and gravity.”  — Christopher Romer

THE CHARMERS - Christopher Romer

Laurie Breen, Pete Duvall, John Grunwell, Joe Hicks, Katie Kaufman, Charles Reiher, Tina Silverman, Ann Stoddard, Linda Uphoff, Valerie Watson

These artists have studios at the Gateway Art Center

Summer Show - Laurie Breen, Pete Duvall, John Grunwell, Joe Hicks, Katie Kaufman, Charles Reiher, Tina Silverman, 
Ann Stoddard, Linda Uphoff, and Valerie Watson

Shaunté Gates & Njena Surae Jarvis
Curated by Martha Jackson Jarvis

“The works of Shaunté Gates and Njena Surae Jarvis explores the body as metaphor, challenging the torpid qualities of painting and sculpture with a sense of didactic theater and enigmatic forms.  Their works command and redefine space with mysterious pairings of disparate forms and malign compositions.  There is a non-static reconfiguration, reconstruction and reinvention that occurs simultaneously that both disturbs and stimulates.  Viewers are made a part of this ever changing matrix that remains haunting, unknowable and in a state of flux.” — Martha Jackson Jarvis

"Night Tanning" - 2014, detail - Njena Surae Jarvis
Njena Surae Jarvis

“The two exhibits, NATURAL WORLD and ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia, share an intimacy between mankind and nature, with a personal exploration of life, death, loss and renewal.”  — John Paradiso, curator.

Eric Rhein

Rhein’s body of work includes photography, mixed media sculptural constructions, and works on paper.  His HIV status has significantly influenced his work, whose focus includes the expression of sexuality, vulnerability and resilience, mortality and transcendence, and gives a heightened image of the human experience.

"NATURAL WORLD" - Eric Rhein

ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia
Krista Schlyer

The exhibit pieces are meant to evoke consciousness of time and place as it is felt in the watershed: the seasons of life, from summer, winter, spring and fall, to the seasons of vitality, abuse, neglect, and recovery.

"ECOLOGY: Home and the Anacostia" -  Krista Schlyer

featuring Kyle Bauer

“I compose my sculptures by the means of arranging, stacking, and piling – trusting the instincts of building.  In many cases, I let the objects dictate their own forms.  I recognize that this methodology more closely correlates to the formalist qualities within my sculptures, allowing me the ability to investigate a broader expression of ideas.  I derive pleasure from this act of construction and enjoy how this process provides multiple layers of meaning as well as investigation through the use of color, surface, pattern and form.” — Kyle Bauer

"LATITUDE" - featuring Kyle Bauer

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About Gateway CDC:

Gateway Community Development Corporation (CDC) drives economic revitalization along the U.S. Route 1 Corridor through business and neighborhood development initiatives including promotion of the arts as a community building strategy.  Gateway CDC works within the communities of Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Mount Rainier, Maryland, and in collaboration with multiple partners to ensure the success of the entire Gateway Arts District.  Gateway CDC is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in North Brentwood, Prince George's County, Maryland.

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